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This deck is overpowering, intense, complex, symbol city, the systems are totally endless. This deck goes on and on, there is no end to it. The Cards them selves are like a tunnel that doesn't end. Like a worm hole. I have found that some tarot lovers keep the the deck stored and only bring it out of the closet once in a blue moon, due to that it is too busy for them to read from. If your one of these people please join the study group.

To understand each card one must look at them differently than other cards from different decks. This was my first step. This deck has a strange way of communicating to it's reader, I have tried this strange method on friends, family, and strangers. to see the results.

With success!

IronSides's Method for reading the Medieval Scapini Tarot Deck.

I have been inspired for many years by Mary K. Greer's books, that through her personal wisdom has taught me so much more with understanding the Tarot. These are Mary K, Greer's books that have help me decode Scapini's symbols, 21 ways to Read a Tarot - Step 13, pg 129; Tarot Reversals - Traditional meanings that help me put keywords to the symbols. Tarot for yourself - helped me work through reader block, which guided me to finding my method on how to read the cards, simple and easy. Without these books over the past 7 yrs I would have been lost to ever understanding or ability to even read this deck. I strongly feel that Mary k. Greer deserves some credit here, and that I will give her. you will find that I will be posting quotes through out this blog from her books for reference only to help you understand the Scapini's deck.

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IronSide's Method for Reading each Card

The Scapini deck likes to be looked upon as a 3D - superimposed image of images, within symbols and behind symbols. This deck uses symbols for it's reversed meanings, so no need to reverse your cards. besides it is much nicer to read them in an upright position anyways, the symbols are much more clearer to read.

Here is my personal method of reading this deck.

First you will need a seperate journal for this deck, allocate 2-3 pages per card. you may borrow my insights, etc. to put into your journal with your own insights.

Second purchase a magnifying glass of good quality. makes it easier to study the details, images within images of these cards. I suggest you examinine each card under bright lighting.

Step 1 - pull out any card that you wish to examine.
Step 2 - look at the card with a general birds eye view. the image should look flat.
Step 3 - notice that there is lots going on. (looks busy).
Step 4 - let your eyes wander over the card, until you see something interesting.
Step 5 - pull out your magnefying glass. take another look, let your eyes relax and yet examine the card thoroughly. result will become 3D, certain aspects of the card will become the 3D appearance (like at the movie theater, with 3D glasses).
Step 6 - take mental notes of each detail, if you wish write them down in your journal.
step 7 - this is were that flat image, becomes alive, and a piece/detail/image, becomes an image within a image (super-imposed) - (like a photo when the lens is focused on a subject and the background is blurry).
Step8 - That is were the magic begins with each card. your intuition is tuning in to the card, like a radio station. at that moment only certain aspects within the details will 3d. and the rest won't. that is what your to focus on. For that detail is a symbol and has a meaning of it's own and your intuition is telling you that.

I will be posting up my studies of this deck for all of you to enjoy and use as a reference along with your own study. I have found that a simple detail as small as leaf, turns in to a type of leaf, then into a meaning, then that meaning turns into another. so just think of how much detail is in the scapini cards themselve, then you will see that the systems, go beyond each other. This is a never ending story book.

Here is an example: This is a daily spread of 3 cards
in this 3 card spread I don't allocate a position for the cards. there is no past, present, future. etc. I just lay 3 cards down.

Remember this deck doesn't need you to reverse any of it's cards, for the reversed meanings are already in front of you in the upright position, the reversed meaning is a symbol/detail/image.

Then with paper and pen in hand/ or Journal, I write down, the first detail of each card, I see first. 

My question for the day: What do I need to know for today?

Card 1 - Fool - lion

Card 2 - Force - Womans face - empty looking
Lions mouth open - Tongue

Card 3 - 2 of wands - man in middle at upsidedown - grasping

Then I went through my journal, which I made a huge library of definitions I had attached to each detail/symbol of each card.

Card 1 = lion = warning - instincts - danger
Balloon = Air

Card 2 = womans face - empty looking = helplessness
Hands = weakness
Mouth - Tongue = open, gapping, struggle, speach

Card 3 = Man in the middle (grasping) = The unforseen, anxiety, fear, trouble

So then I take these keys and create a sentence.

like: Trouble, weakness, warning, air
Unforseen, helplessness, warning, air
Fear, weakness, warning, air
Struggle, helplessness, warning, open, air

and so on.

Result: What I need to know for today is, That I will have trouble with speach and feel weak due to breathing air, and that this is a warning.


That I may have unforseen trouble and need to pay attention to my instincts, for they are warning me about breathing air, possiable danger.

I Recieved a call, and was invited over to a friends. I hesitated about going. They were given a large dog as a family pet. I didn't stay long, I left due to have an allergic reaction to the dog, I came home, made some supper, started to eat, found it difficult, I couldn't swallow, choked, then was rushed to the hospital. for I had a piece stuck in my right lung. ended up really sick.

You can try this method in many different spreads, and add this technique to your own method, intuition.

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