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This deck is overpowering, intense, complex, symbol city, the systems are totally endless. This deck goes on and on, there is no end to it. The Cards them selves are like a tunnel that doesn't end. Like a worm hole. I have found that some tarot lovers keep the the deck stored and only bring it out of the closet once in a blue moon, due to that it is too busy for them to read from. If your one of these people please join the study group.

To understand each card one must look at them differently than other cards from different decks. This was my first step. This deck has a strange way of communicating to it's reader, I have tried this strange method on friends, family, and strangers. to see the results.

With success!

IronSides's Method for reading the Medieval Scapini Tarot Deck.

I have been inspired for many years by Mary K. Greer's books, that through her personal wisdom has taught me so much more with understanding the Tarot. These are Mary K, Greer's books that have help me decode Scapini's symbols, 21 ways to Read a Tarot - Step 13, pg 129; Tarot Reversals - Traditional meanings that help me put keywords to the symbols. Tarot for yourself - helped me work through reader block, which guided me to finding my method on how to read the cards, simple and easy. Without these books over the past 7 yrs I would have been lost to ever understanding or ability to even read this deck. I strongly feel that Mary k. Greer deserves some credit here, and that I will give her. you will find that I will be posting quotes through out this blog from her books for reference only to help you understand the Scapini's deck.

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Method of discovering personality type

Method of discovering our/others, personality type. with Scapini's symbols

To get more clarity of a persons personality, I turn to the symbols depicted in the card. To see what my minds eye sees first (intuition), that quick glimpses of the raven or the moon, or the witches. Will be my glues as to whom the spread is referring to. Its is those symbols that have the keys/clues, that will lead you to the right individual, without questions.

I have found over the years that I have worked with the tarot, that it seemed to be the sheep’s method, (books – LWB), that the queen of swords means or is interpreted as this (……). Which was to vague, boring, and left me with to many questions. Like; oh I know 5 queen of sword types, hmmm which one of the lady’s is it. Which led to more questions and pulling more cards for clarity. Well I soon threw that method out the door, studied hard on tarot, astrology, numerology, Carl Jung, etc. I created my own method, and the questions stopped, I knew whether the reading was talking about me or someone else, whether I knew them or not.

With my own experiences of interacting with other people, whether they are friends, family, or strangers. I found more and more that these people didn’t all fit into the 16 stereotype tarot personalities, We may have some aspect that are the same characteristics, more or less than another person, but most often enough it could take 3 traits to make it not so.

I link those symbols to other cards in the deck.

I would just like to let everyone who reads my posts to know that I am no expert, I will not claim to be one, we all know that the tarot cards and your intuition speaks differently to you, than the person next door. It all basically comes down to observation and perception of the individual. Ie: 10 people in a room will witness something, but yet what each of them seen it differently and perceived it in a different aspect, so they will share what they saw by different interpretation of what happened. Tarot works same way.

I have added this from the Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords is Link to these other cards

Symbols of the Correspondences –


Raven, smoke, flying witches – Air

Major Arcana Cards – The Lovers, Justice, the Star.
Moons – Water of Air

Major Arcana Cards:

The Moon, the Popess/High Priestess
Torches - Fire - Fire Element - Queen could be Fire as well or just have fire qualities.

Mars, sun, venus

Mars = Aries -Scapini – depicts Mars to the Swords

Mars = aggression, heat, action, weapons, sharp tools (Swords), decisive, loving, pioneer, direct, leader, defender, irate, brutal, foolhardy, lacking forethought, selfish, quarrelsome, over-hasty, rude, boisterous.

Mars/Aries - combination = great energy, intellectual nature, mental activity, leads to strain, independence, frankness, prone to accidents, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, strongly sexed.

Magor Arcana Cards:

The Emperess, Tower, the Sun

Mars - the Tower - is the predominant

Minor Arcan Cards - Aries
2 Of Wands = Mars = links to the Tower
3 Of Wands = Sun = links to the Sun
4 Of Wands = Venus - links to the Empress


Venus, Mars, Moon

Mars – Scapini – depicts Mars to the Swords – Mars is the greater and lesser, “Malefics”. That, the deity’s attribute for this is the Sword, for the suit.

Major Arcana Cards:

The Empress, the Tower, the Popess/High Priestess

Venus – Rules Libra

Symbol – ( Swan ) on the hilt of the sword

Venus = Power to love, feelings, partnership, possessions, money, the arts, social live, beauty, adornments, clothes, fashion, harmony, gentle, kind, friendly manner, tactful, adaptable, refined, Lazy, gushing, indecisive, excessively romantic, week-willed, careless, impractical, dependent on others.

Combining Venus with Libra = emotional partnerships are powerfully stressed, bonds must not be to hastily formed, it takes little to throw a relationship off – balance, there may be some resentment, but only under serious affliction.

As you can see the major arcana (Justice) fell right into that.



Libra - as the predominant - Justice

Virgo – as a lesser – The Hermit

20 degrees Virgo – 20 degrees Libra

Symbols: Which link to these minor arcana cards.

- 2 of Swords (for the 2 of Swords requires the Swan on the hilt of the Sword) =

Witches, Raven, the Sword, Swan – Justice of the major arcana. Moons and black horses.

Witches - subjective, judgment, loss of discernment.

Raven – Affection, warns of danger (dangerous times), family/friends,

Swan – Valor and courage, cautious advice, union,

Moons – turns her back to the Moon (watery element) – feelings and Instability, - distortion, illusions, fanaticism, Sexuality, intuition, dreams, emotional, feminine, psychic, love, romance, mysterious, unapproachable.

Black Horses – guidance and direction.

- 3 of Swords =

Black horses, hearse, and the Penitents (KKK), and the Raven

Raven – separation, loss,
Black horses – pain, sorrow,
Hearse – Death, time limited, no longer alive (feeling, let it go), ending of some sort.
Penitents (KKK) – Hatred, quarrel, tears,

Putting it all together

Just a note, these will take me a few days. In my personal journal the queens personalities are 50 pages. so please bare with me, I will also be kind to not post all 50 pages, for I do not want to confuse or complicate it more than need be. I will assume that everyone here as the basic understanding of each card in the tarot deck. This way I will just guide you from that point to a new direction. from there you can go with it, add more of your own personal insights. expand it which ever way you wish. or on the other had you could just not at all for you are happy and content with your own method that you have intuitively bonded with.

quick first example: this will start of short just to get the ball roling. I will keep it short and sweet.

Let's say you pull a queen of Swords - (doesn't matter what position at this point. this is just the example). but also you have the Empress as well, then you take note that the Pope is in the spread too.

you first look at your Queen of Sword, the first thing you saw was the swan and the hilt of her sword. (which has 3 coat of arms and the 3 worlds on top)

Wow - that is Venus - which now just link it to your empress card in the spread

now the hilt also has the 3 coat of arms (Family crests) so the Queen has a family of her own.

so far our Queen of Swords personality is - Venus = Power to love, feelings, partnership, possessions, money, the arts, social live, beauty, adornments, clothes, fashion, harmony, gentle, kind, friendly manner, tactful, adaptable, refined.

ADDED with The Empress = Mother, sister, Wife. so now we have her as Married, loyal, faithful, possiably pregnant. Well educated, artistic, talented, skilled. possiably very carreer oriented - need to look to the pope.

Empress link to the pope - Crown = 9 stars = music, poetry and science.

base of throne - liberal arts: grammar, logic, rhethoric, geometry, arithmetic, philosophy, astrology, theology.

At her foot - Crecent Moon - links back to the Queen and her 3 moons.
Now lets take it a little further so we want to know type/career just as an example.

The Pope.

On the Queen hild of her sword at the top is the symbol of the 3 world which is linked to the Tree of Life, spiritual pathways. and this also links to the Pope. For the Queen is also very spiritual....a religious belief system of her own choice.

So the Queen of Swords could be a teacher, love kids, Councellor, Minister, sunday school teacher, very religious and goes to church every sunday. this card also confirms Marriage. Therefore this queen of sword is not divorced. and is very happy.

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