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This deck is overpowering, intense, complex, symbol city, the systems are totally endless. This deck goes on and on, there is no end to it. The Cards them selves are like a tunnel that doesn't end. Like a worm hole. I have found that some tarot lovers keep the the deck stored and only bring it out of the closet once in a blue moon, due to that it is too busy for them to read from. If your one of these people please join the study group.

To understand each card one must look at them differently than other cards from different decks. This was my first step. This deck has a strange way of communicating to it's reader, I have tried this strange method on friends, family, and strangers. to see the results.

With success!

IronSides's Method for reading the Medieval Scapini Tarot Deck.

I have been inspired for many years by Mary K. Greer's books, that through her personal wisdom has taught me so much more with understanding the Tarot. These are Mary K, Greer's books that have help me decode Scapini's symbols, 21 ways to Read a Tarot - Step 13, pg 129; Tarot Reversals - Traditional meanings that help me put keywords to the symbols. Tarot for yourself - helped me work through reader block, which guided me to finding my method on how to read the cards, simple and easy. Without these books over the past 7 yrs I would have been lost to ever understanding or ability to even read this deck. I strongly feel that Mary k. Greer deserves some credit here, and that I will give her. you will find that I will be posting quotes through out this blog from her books for reference only to help you understand the Scapini's deck.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Medieval Scapini - II - The Popess

2 - II - The Popess

A young slender, female is draped, veiled and enthroned, gazes from her throne with serenity and wisdom. Her robe is dark blue symbolizing the soul and feminine intuition. She wears a tall Tiara bearing a gold cresent moon. The moon rules - The Child bearing and female organs and functions. The moon enjoys "silver, soft, and smooth substances,". Silver Sphinx, and keys and Moon. The Tiara bears two allegories: The Gnostic's Abraxas (measurable time) and the Hermetists Ourobourus (Endless Time).

The Popess was associated with fermentation and effervescence. Through the association with the vintner’s and brewer’s arts, the card came to be associated with wisdom, science, mystery, and secrets.

She is clearly a power ful link between the physical world and the world we know little or nothing of, as yet.

The Popess corresponds to the constellation Cassiopeia (Beth)

At the Popess's breast is a Maltese Cross, it bears a child's face, which refers to childbirth or pregnancy. The child has much to do with the opposites and fertility.

By the Fertility symbols the baby faced brooch and the flowers amid the tiles.

The floor tiles alternate in black and white, black represents death and white represents purity. Also, the black/white checkered tiling on the floor refers to (what is usually). The checkered pattern on the floor is a Masonic Lodge symbol that refers, very basically and quite simply, to polarity and duality: light/dark, cold/hot, dry/wet, large/small, sweet/bitter, etc..

The floor tiles give way to life and nature, which represents the patch of grass and wildflowers.

The Popess is enthroned between two pillars, a fiery red column on her right this pillar of red flames, is masculine - side of life. Also depicted in the pillar a Salamander, supporting a lion, and a fiery creature next to the Sun. The Flames acsends. The arch's Column to her left is a pillar of blue droplets decsend, which is represent by the element of water. Supported by a silvery Sphinx which symbolizes the feminine side. Incorporating a Melusine ( two tailed mermaid) who is offered an apple by a demonic serpent, which represents Ouroborus "Prudence" at the top of the pillar is a bat. Water and Fire; passive and active; day and night; Sun and Moon;

The pillars in decks such as the RWS are inscribed with a B & J and they also have Masonic symbolism:

The alabaster pillar emblazoned with "J" represents Joachin, a Hebrew word meaning 'Wisdom': the onyx pillar, "B" represents Boaz, 'Strength'.

The Pillar of Strength is a symbol for the Apprentice Freemason and alludes to the fact apprentices were basically beasts of burden in the building of temples and especially the Temple of King Solomon. The Pillar of Wisdom is a symbol for the Fellowcraft Mason and alludes to the fact only the wise apprentices were advanced to the degree of Fellow who fit the stones into their proper places. In some lodges, this pillar is called the Pillar of Establishment because Fellows are "established."

The Sphinix – coneys a sense of mystery

Popess's Foot on pillow – is in the physical world, and the other is hidden - the Ethiopian Queen Cassiopeia sat with one foot on a cushion. The constellation named for the Queen is also known as The Key…

The Book of Life in one hand - which became attribute of " Prudence" previously belonged to Sophis (Wisdom). Her wisdom must be of an esoteric nature, judging from the veil that shields her sanctuary from the profane. The veil is supported by two fasteners, The Sun and the Moon, with rainbows streaming down each side. The Book's cover displays the diagram inscribed with the Kabalistic "Tree of Life" the Popess points to her own pathway, wh9ich is the crown positon.

“Books that are closed symbolize 'matter' that is _virginal_, books that are open indicate that the matter contained between the covers has been fertilized; closed the material between the covers is secret, open the understandings are available to whomever has the heart to read them.”

Keys being held in the other hand - She is not actually holding the keys, but covering them with her hand. The silver key crosses over the golden one, at least using artistic perspective as a guide: the silver key has an equidistant cross for its "head", while the gold key has a perfect circle. The keys are held with the heads resting on the Popess' left knee, their tines held upward. The tines of the silver key point toward the Popess' right: the gold toward the left. The cross on the silver key echoes the Maltese Cross at her breast. In Scapini’s deck, the cross with the infants face is indicative of a fruitful union, just as the interaction of the serpent and the melusine indicates a “fruitful” union.

The perfect circle of the golden key is indicative of A.) The yearly cycle of the heavens B.) The conjunction of the heavens and the Earth C.) The transcended World D.) The godhead.

The silver key represents "Moral Perfection", and Lunar Knowledge, the golden key represents "Intellectual perfection", Solar Knowledge: female understanding and masculine understanding.

The keys also represent the Keys of tarot: the tarot cards themselves and the knowledge they represent. As the Popess' DMs are teacher, education, and perception the Christian symbolism of silver representing Divine Wisdom and gold representing God's love for mankind is also worth mentioning. The metal/colour of the keys also has more than a passing connection to Egyptian myth wherein the bones of gods are said to be crafted of silver and their flesh of gold.

The Popess, knows the mysteries of the Goddess Isis, who commands fertility, regeneration, transformation, and hermetic magick, unity and cooperation or conflict can proceed from the many opposite.

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